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7 reasons to shop secondhand

In recent years, thrifting or #TreasureShopping as we’d like to call it has become all the rage, and for good reason. You are partaking in the fashion revolution, reducing your carbon footprint, promoting sustainable living and if you shop at the Good Karma Treasure Shop you’ll also be contributing to local Goa based NGOs.

If that’s not enough read on to find more reasons to become a more conscious consumer in 2021.


1. Less $$$, more clothes
Pretty sure you saw this one coming. Shopping second hand is simply cheaper. You’re investing in clothes that are relatively as good as new, for a considerable fraction of the cost. This not only keeps your bank from breaking when you need a new outfit for that interview, but also makes it easier for you to let go of clothes once they are either old or just won’t fit.

Good Karma Treasure Shop
Bargain hunting, supporting the sustainable fashion revolution and helping raise funds for a worthy cause. Treasure Shoppers at a
Good Karma Treasure Shop pop up.


2. Vintage!
As they say, one man’s trash … There is no better place to treasure hunt cheap vintage and designer pieces. Maybe the previous grew tired of the item, maybe it just no longer fit them. Whatever the reason, you are now going home with a timeless classic that fits your budget.

3. Mix-n-match
Given that a variety of people donate clothes to second hand stores, the range of styles that you can experiment with is endless. And if you don’t enjoy trying out something new, you can always donate it back and give something else a try.

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4. You get what you pick
The beauty of buying pre-owned items is that you can be sure that there will be no shrinkage, bleeding colours or discolouration post-wash. Everything on the racks has already been put through the test and will withstand the test of regular wear-and-tear.

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5. It’s all about the kids
Kids usually outgrow clothes faster than your budget can keep up. And their clothes aren’t even that worn out when they stop fitting. Kids’ wear is a great reason to consider shopping from and donating to second hand stores. This not only helps reduce the amount of textile waste produced by simply throwing away the clothes they’ve outgrown, but also instills a healthier attitude towards personal finance management and the concepts of reusing and reducing waste.

6. Share love, not trash
One of the most notable reasons for an uptick in second hand shopping is its impact on reducing textile waste. A leading contributor to our ever-growing landfill problem (textile waste only follows single-use plastics and domestic waste on the contribution list of waste categories), textile waste takes a long time to break down, especially synthetic fabrics. So, the next time you are considering throwing out some clothes, consider if they can be reused/upcycled instead.


7. Supports local community
A huge reason to support the practice of second hand shopping is all the benefits it provides the local community with, besides cutting down on waste. Thrift stores provide employment, help increase the income of the local economy and oftentimes support local causes too. At the Good Karma Treasure Shop, we donate 30% of our monthly proceeds to a local charity supporting a unique cause every month.

Read about the NGOs we support here


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