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How to style an oversized shirt

Living with a consciously curated wardrobe comes with its own set of challenges – the greatest being “running out of looks”.


The easiest way around this is to buy items that are multi-functional. And the most effective tool in that arsenal? The ever-comfy, oversized button-up mxn’s shirts. You can own them, you can steal them – both way, a little fold, tuck and a knot, and they’ll soon become your go-to fashion style.

There are a number of ways you can wear your shirts – buttoned up, unbuttoned, tied up around the
waist. While we are all familiar with the everyday ones, you can always try to take your shirt-game to
the next level. Elle Parkin shows us 5 easy ways to dress up the simple button-up, whether you’re stepping out for
business in the day or a party at night

As the devil is in the details, your accessories really can make or break your look. Styled right, you can wear any of the looks from above to a meeting or a night-out with your friends. Here are some things to keep in mind when dressing up in a loose-fitted mxn’s shirt

-Wear well-fitted or form-flattering bottoms, and tuck in your shirt to add to your silhouette.
-If you don’t like to tuck your shirt in, add a belt on top of the shirt to create the silhouette.
-Pick a height of your bottoms’ waistline that will flatter you best.
-Always double knot to avoid any unforeseen faux pas.
-Roll your sleeves to compliment your form. If you’re petite, you can roll them above your elbows. But if you are heavier in the torso, keep the sleeves rolled below your elbows.
-Let your accessories set the tone of your look.
-Pick the right shoes. Going from sneakers to some loafers or even a pair of stilettos can change the entire look.
-If you want to wear a statement neckpiece, tuck the collar in.
-Jackets are a fun way to add layers, dimension and mood to your look.

If all those tips have you a little dazed, check out the video below by Alyssa Beltempo for some inspiration on how to style one shirt in 20 different ways

However you choose to style them, remember to have fun with your outfits. And if you give any of the looks from this post a shot, tag us on Instagram or send us your look book inspirations at [email protected]


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