The ‘Good Karma Treasure Shop’ is an Offbeat Goa initiative that promotes sustainable fashion and shopping while also greatly reducing textile waste by encouraging #treasureshopping (reuse & recycle) of pre-loved, gently loved, or unused items. In addition to mindful living, we also donate 25% of our proceeds to handpicked Goan charity organisations, raising funds and awareness for a unique cause every month.

We stock a wide selection of clothes for womxn, mxn and children, books, bags, accessories and home decor all priced nominally.

Shop with us online or visit our store at Chinvar, opp. Hacienda Da Goa, Vagator

Open everyday from 10.30am to 7pm

People Who Make It Work

Vijaya Josephine Pais


Vijaya likes to think of herself as a homebody whose chief interests centre around her cat! But, the truth is she’s the one with the inside info when it comes to pretty much everything in Goa and hence she’s your best bet for all the undercover cool stuff that no one else knows about. She also has a very specific and non-negotiable moral code and won’t promote anything she doesn’t believe in herself. Her aim is to promote sustainable travel and the causes close to her heart, while preserving the Goa that she loves.

Aneesha Coelho

Aneesha is the life of the party, just so long as the party ends at 11.00 p.m. Leaving a mass media career behind, Aneesha moved from Bangalore to Goa to start a baking business and write a novel. Four years later, progress on both these fronts is slow, but Aneesha has a new passion – Goa itself – and is happier than she’s ever been. She finds Goa to be endlessly inspiring and transformational and she’s learned never to take it for granted. Offbeat Goa, for her, is simply an extension of that passion. Her particular loves include the food, natural beauty, animals and music of Goa and you’ll find this reflects in the content of Offbeat Goa.

Thomas Dobrzewski

Community Manager & Content
Thomas is a nature junkie, the national parks of the world are his home. His last outpost was as Press Officer at the Black Forest National Park in Germany. He takes off regularly to travel the world, discovering nature in all its perfection. He loves birding, trekking and the great outdoors. He’s now in Goa helping us find those offbeat places only a true naturist can find! He’s also using his Masters in Communication Science and Marketing to build our community of like-minded people.

Zhen Paintal

Chief Strategist & Problem Solver
For Zhen farming in the mountains with a mud house was her goal, but she’s still trying to find her way caught amidst, multiple work experiences, sustainable lifestyle learnings, minimalistic living, alternative sports, shoestring travels, and yet she believes she has direction. To her, if ‘life is too short or too long’ is still a daily dilemma. But as her lifelong motto has been, keep doing your part and the best of it, and a tipping point will come, where the people of the world will be better. If not we all go to dust anyway! She’s currently helping us build Offbeat Goa by using her varied work experiences to build strategy, operations, systems and content.